The plastic weave:

Materials can be cleaned with simple household products such as neutral or mild soap, etc. Dirt is removed easily with sponge or brush. Once clean, the lounge can be sprayed off with a garden hose and allowed to air dry.

Wood components:

All wooden parts of your garden-beach chair are either made of high quality Nordic spruce 1A, Meranti or Teak (for luxury beach chairs).

Spruce and meranti are dipped in wood preservative to ensure that the wood preservative can penetrate into every little nook and cranny.

Should fading occur due to intense sun exposure, a wood preservative can be applied with a brush or sponge. Teak does not need to be treated. However, you can treat with teak oil so it does not show a gray patina.

Interior covers in fabric awnings:

Awning fabrics are generally impregnated and water-repellent. Over time, however, the impregnation can be renewed by means of waterproofing sprays.

Small stains can be removed with mild soap or a mild soapy water easily. For tougher stains, and dirt, we recommend a dry cleaning solvent.